The Benefits of Boxing Shoes

Fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones Jr. displayed exceptional footwork in the ring. They could move forward, backward, and side-to-side quickly and effectively, and they exploited openings on opponents with their constant movement.

Smooth footwork comes naturally for some boxers, but other fighters have to work hard in order to improve mobility and coordination. In any case, a pair of lightweight boxing shoes can only aid the cause. This guide answers all the basic questions regarding boxing shoes. 

Why Buy Shoes?

Many beginning boxers pocket their wallets after they buy handwraps and gloves, reluctant to buy boxing shoes. Don’t make the same mistake! Boxing shoes improve footwork technique, while also providing necessary lightweight support. Additionally, boxing shoes offer the following advantages:

  • Lightweight material: Shoes made of lightweight, breathable material won’t weigh you down. Generally, boxing shoes are made of leather or suede. Some pairs include a form of mesh covering. It’s easier to stay on the balls of your feet if your feet feel light, and breathable material prevents the shoes from becoming heavy with sweat.
  • Non-slip rubber: Boxing shoes combine traction with maneuverability, as their non-slip rubber outsoles allow you to pivot without getting stuck to the mat.
  • Support & Mobility: Various styles come in low- and high-top forms. High-top “boots,” as they are sometimes called, tend to provide more ankle support. Low-top boxing shoes, on the other hand, provide slightly less support while allowing for greater mobility.

Keep these benefits in mind as you consider buying your first pair.

Hot Tip: Foot Shape

Be aware that most boxing shoes are quite narrow. If you are ordering shoes online, do your best to find reviews for shoes that match your foot type. If you have wider feet, for example, then do your best to find shoes that are naturally wide, or stretch easily.

Where to Buy a Pair

You may notice that your local sporting goods store does not carry boxing shoes. While boxing shoes are hard to come by, most sporting good stores carry wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes, in most cases, are very similar to boxing shoes, but have slightly more traction on the soles. However, if you want to avoid shipping costs and have the ability to try the shoes on, then wrestling shoes will work just fine.

For the most part, you have to shop online for boxing shoes. A quick search on the internet should generate an ample amount of results. Most boxing retail sites advertise popular products and describe the individual characteristics of each pair.

Cost Consideration

Cost is certainly an important issue when purchasing any piece of equipment. The best boxing shoes can be pricey, costing $100 to $150. You can, however, find quality shoes for cheaper. Boxing shoes costing $50 to $100 typically combine quality and affordability.

Keep in mind that durability often becomes a problem if you go any cheaper than $50. If you use your shoes every day or several days a week during high-intensity training, you may want to wait until you can afford a high-quality pair.

Comfort First

Boxing shoes are made by many different brands, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to the “coolest” brands as you choose a pair. In many circumstances, the most stylish shoes provide little advantage to your feet. You want to make sure that you’re genuinely comfortable before you start considering factors such as color or design. Make sure the zippers or straps are not irritating, and that the shoes provide adequate support for intense routines. Comfortable feet mean quicker feet as you practice your footwork drills and continue your training.

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