How to Choose a Golf Bag

Every golfer needs a golf bag to store and organize equipment. There are so many styles of golf bags available — in regards to both style and functionality — that the prospect of shopping for a golf bag can certainly be intimidating. Fear not, though, because this guide is here to take you through a plethora of attributes that can make a golf bag perfect for you.

Size & Capacity

The first thing you should take into consideration when shopping for a golf bag is what you need in a bag. (Or, if you’re buying a golf bag for your child: What does he/she need?) A big part of that question involves size and capacity.

For instance, if you watch a professional golfer on TV, you’ll see his or her caddie lugging around an enormous bag. That’s because pros pack a lot of things in their bags, from food to training equipment.

Junior golfers should be set up with a junior-sized bag that they can carry themselves, and amateur golfers probably don’t need as much space as the pros do. There may not be a need for anything else than a pouch for golf balls, another area for some tees, and a place for a water bottle. Take a look at your game and decide whether or not the most deluxe version of a golf bag, with its hundreds of compartments, is right for you.

Club Sections

Another big thing to look for when buying a bag is the way your clubs can be organized inside of it. Fancier bags have more compartments; there’s a precise, organized place for each club. So if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can avoid having your clubs get stuck with each other in the cheaper bags — which may only have two or three club sections.

Walking Your Bag

If you plan on walking during your rounds of golf, make sure you get a bag that is suited with comfortable and functional shoulder straps. Newer bags are generally equipped with two shoulder straps, allowing you to wear your bag like a backpack. If you find a bag with only one strap, put a set of clubs in it before trying it on your shoulder to see if it’s worth your money.

Hot Tip: Don’t Let a Strap Hold You Down

If you find a bag that you absolutely must have, but it doesn’t have a very comfortable strap, don’t worry — you can still get it! If you invest in a pull cart or replace the stock strap with one of your choosing, you can still walk your bag comfortably.


Most new bags also come equipped with a stand — two legs that pop out when you put the bag down on its base. This is an extremely helpful feature for keeping your clubs and bag in good shape. During practice, a stand makes it much easier to access the right clubs and equipment. So if you can afford it, invest in a bag that comes equipped like this.

Style & Price

As with all purchases, buying a golf bag eventually comes down to two personal questions. You first have to ask yourself which style you like best. Then, you have to know how much money you can (should) spend on your bag.

Once you figure out what features you’re looking for, it’s time to sort through your favorite options. Some things to consider when it comes to style are:

  • Color scheme: Do you want a bag that matches your school colors? Do you want a bag that hides dirt more easily?
  • Material: Do you play golf in a rainy part of the world? Do you need a lighter material for a junior or senior golfer?

Then, it all comes down to the price. While brand names will cost more, many of them have the bigger price tags because they offer better features. But, some bags’ value is only in their names. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re getting your money’s worth in the bag, or just a name brand. Once you figure out what you need in a golf bag, you’ll be able make an easy decision on any bag.

Baggers Can Be Choosers

Remember, choosing a golf bag is just that — a choice. Now that you know what features you can search for in a bag, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a style and price that land in your comfort zone. Once you get your clubs and accessories in your new bag, you can head to the course with pride!

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