Soccer Goal Celebrations

Before learning to master the art of the goal celebration, be forewarned: Goal revelry is a ton of fun, but often results a yellow card for excessive celebration. Different referees have different standards for what they deem to “excessive”, so you use your moral compass to gauge whether your post-goal action is appropriate. With that in mind, here are a number of creative ideas to use when celebrating your magical moment.

The Golden Boot

The golden boot is a classic celebration and one of the more common post-goal performances out there. Coordinate with one of your teammates beforehand, so that once you have scored they will be ready on one knee. Run up to your teammate and lift your shooting foot up onto their thigh while your teammate pretends to shine your cleat with an imaginary towel.

The Flip

There are countless versions of this goal celebration, but you can vary the technique pretty much any way you want, depending on your athletic ability. If you don’t trust yourself in the air maybe just a somersault will suffice—but if you’re feeling adventurous, try doing a somersault, cartwheel, and flip all in succession.

The Robot

Keep your arms and legs erect and emulate the movements of a robot while dancing. This celebration was made famous by 6’6” English star Peter Crouch, whose gigantic frame made the hilarious stiff-limbed dance pure entertainment for the crowd and his teammates.

The Knighting

Run over to the corner flag and get down on one knee. Have a teammate pull the corner flag out of the ground to use as a faux sword to tap you on each shoulder, mimicking the custom performed by Queen of England to “knight” a noteworthy individual.

The Shadow Box

Pretend to fight and subsequently knock out an imaginary opponent. Then hold your hands up in the air like you are the world champion.

The Bull Fighter

Have your teammate pretend to be a matador by taking off their jersey and using it as a cape to taunt you while you pretend to be a bull and charge at them repeatedly. You can also hold your index fingers next to your head as faux horns for emphasis.

The Boat Crew

Sit down on the ground with your teammates in a line behind you. Once you are all situated, pretend to row an imaginary boat in unison.

The Bow & Arrow

Get down on one knee and draw back an imaginary arrow to shoot into the crowd or at the opponent’s goal. You can also plan ahead to shoot a teammate who can drop to the ground for dramatic effect.

The Gunslinger

Have your teammates get in a line, then pull an imaginary pistol from your hip and use it to shoot them one after another. Each teammate who is shot should dramatically fall to the ground.

The Grenade

After scoring, collect the ball from the back of the net and have your teammates get in a circle. Pull an imaginary pin from the ball, and throw it into the center of the circle like a grenade. Once the ball hits the ground have all your teammates dramatically fall to the ground.

Mental Edge

Although goal celebrations are fun, don’t let them become a hindrance to your game. Use your judgement and avoid excessive celebrations if you  notice that referee is particularly strict.

It would be a shame to get a yellow or red card for something as trivial as a goal celebration, so be smart!

The Power Slide

Run towards the sideline and slide down on your knees, making sure to keep your center of gravity back so that you don’t fall forward. Once you stop sliding, throw a fist of triumph into the air (This celebration usually works best when the grass is wet).

The Salute

Run to the sideline, stand up straight, and salute the fans military style.

The Dog Pile

Slide onto the ground while your teammates jump on top of you, forming a mass of tangled bodies. This celebration is usually reserved for last minute goals or come from behind wins.

The Hand Shake

Have your teammates get in line and shake your hand one at a time. You should keep your body very rigid and formal like the referee does when you shake hands with them after the match.

The Superman

Run as fast as you can and then dive forward while outstretching your arms and keeping your body parallel to the ground.

Score with Style!

Hopefully this guide has provided you with the necessary tools to perfect the art of the goal celebration. Remember to always remain respectful to your opponent, and be aware that your goal celebration could get you in a heap of trouble if you don’t exercise caution.

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